Change Thinking 2020 Course

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For Men Who Behave Badly & Want To Make That Change

1. 100% Online

With technology leading the way for those seeking help whether it be to protect their privacy, their location or for their own mental health to complete this course in their own time at their own pace -all 8 modules are online with weekly Q & A sessions on Zoom and one-on-one coaching available.

As long as you have an internet connection, are able to watch video and make Zoom calls or simply log into facebook - getting started is as easy as enrolling.

For any questions and to discuss if this course is right for you or a loved one...please contact Charles directly.

2. 52 Weeks Of Support

The great news is you get a full year of support so that you can adjust, get used to communicating online and  given enough time to absorb all the tools and resources you get at your fingertips...and put them into practice.

Everyone starts on the Starter Program and is then given the choice to upgrade to the full program. No pressure. No judgement.

Have a look at the free resources ( all easy to watch videos) in Charles Vlog, to get acquainted with Charles and his coaching style, knowledge and success stories.

3. Private User Group On Facebook

As scary as it may seem to join a Private Group on facebook, here you will learn from others questions, experiences and comradery.

Being able to know you aren't alone and that others are experiencing the same pain, behaviours, stressors and challenges can be a great relief. 

Participation in the group isn't necessary. It's a resource that is available and that many others find helpful.

Why go it alone? You've got everything to look forward to so start now.

The Best Online Program For Men


Charles McArthur is a mens coach and mentor providing the answers men who behave badly and who often lash out in anger and violence or lose control quickly and don't want that to happen.

It is painful for them as well as others and as much as one may angst about their behaviour, unless they have the right tools and support to change, they often never will.

You don't need to do this program but for those who lack self-control, don't know why they behave the way they do, end up in trouble from their actions and are often ostracized by others because of it, here's the good news...this course is your answer.

Have a read of Pete's Story, and contact Charles should you need to talk to someone. He is available and there to answer any questions you may have with plenty of support to give.